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National Scrabble Day is Today

Today is National Scrabble Day!

The creator of National Scrabble Day is unknown, but it’s celebrated annually on its creator’s birthday, April 13th. An unemployed artist created the classic game of Scrabble in 1931. Alfred Mosher Butts originally called the game Lexiko, Criss-Cross Words, and finally Scrabble, as we all know

Butt and entrepreneur James Burnot made the original games by hand, stamping each letter on each tile.

Scrabble Facts:

Scrabble is played on a fifteen by fifteen square grid.

Scrabble is sold in over one hundred and twenty countries, in twenty-nine languages.

Since 2004 you can watch the National Scrabble Championships on ESPN.

The original game didn’t have a board, but was played with tiles only.

There are over four thousand Scrabble clubs worldwide.

For the game’s 50th anniversary (1998) a Guinness Record was set for the world’s largest Scrabble game, where it took two men to move each six foot square tile.

For Scrabble’s 60th anniversary (2008), which was also Prince Charles’s 60th birthday, a portrait of the prince was made, using Scrabble tiles.

Many celebrities are known to play the game; John Travolta, Sting, Jimmy Kimmel, Moby, Tom Cruise and the Queen are a few.

Chuck Woolery, famous game show personality hosted the TV version of Scrabble form 1984 to 1990. It returned briefly in 1993.

There are one hundred tiles in a Scrabble set, and only one J,K,Q,X and Z.

Are you a competitive Scrabble player?


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There are ten two-letter vowel only words that can be played.

Are you a competitive Scrabble player? Will you be playing today?



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