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Welcome to Purgatorium

Purgatorium is coming!

Do you enjoy dark tales that will keep you up in the night? Coming November 2016, Purgatorium is an anthology of eleven dark works, by ten writers. 

A project started over a year ago by Connie Di Pietro, Tobin Elliott, Pat Flewwelling and Dale Long. Together, they formed ID Press.

Kevin Craig started The Purgatorio Diaries on his blog recently, where he asked each of us with stories in Purgatorium to answer a range of questions. Kevin’s blogs let you learn a little about each of the ten writers that make up Purgatorium.

I decided to do something a bit different. I asked each writer (and our writer duo) to tell our readers about their story in Purgatorium in ten words or less, and pick a photo that gave a visual insight into their story.

Like what you see? Purgatorium is being launched at Bookapalooza November 19th in Whitby, Ontario. Check out both Bookaplaooza and ID Press to learn more.

I hope you enjoy a peek into the works in Purgatorium, in alphabetical order by story title.

Blood Pies – Kate Arms

Pizza, drugs, or death. A delivery guy’s nightmare.



You can follow Kate on her Facebook or learn more via her website.

Carousel Eyes – Yvonne Hess

A dark entity must have the woman who escaped him.



Yvonne is anti social media- but she can find you.

Dubious Pickles – Kevin Craig

The curiosity of boys is far too overpowering to ignore.



Kevin can be found on Facebook , his website or Twitter.

Fight or Flight – Tobin Elliott

Sometimes love is painful. Sometimes pain feels like love.



Tobin can be found on his website or Twitter.

Ivy – Mel E. Cober

The Bad Voice makes a little girl do horrid things.



Mel can be found on Facebook her website or Twitter.

Mule – Pat Flewwelling

Joshua’s worst day becomes his best – and last – day ever.



Pat can be found on her Facebookher website or Twitter.

Nekomata – A.L. Tompkins

Trapped by a murderous ghost, two girls find an unlikely ally.



Amanda is too busy saving the world to be on social media. (Or is that destroying the world?)

Pieces – Tobin Elliott & Robert E. Walton

Frankenstein can replace body parts, but when his mind goes…



This dangerous duo can be found on their respective social media sites.

Terminal – Robert E. Walton

Time is nothing but a human construct.



Robert can be found on Facebook.

Unstrung – Connie Di Pietro

Sometimes being friendly to the new neighbour comes with strings attached.



Connie can be found on Facebook her website and Twitter.

Victim of Love – Samantha Banik

A fountain of youth camouflaged by dangers of unrequited love.



 Samantha can be found on Twitter .

Purgatorium is launching at Bookaplaooza 2016. See you there!




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